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TOP N S (nitrogen and sulfur liquid fertilizer)


TOP N S (nitrogen and sulfur liquid fertilizer). It helps facilitate the vegetative growth of plants

Generic Name:

nitrogen (N) + Sulfur (S)


Dosage Form:


1 liter




1-When used with irrigation water, it leads to the dismantling of bicarbonate as a result of lowering the pH 
2-It leads to better absorption of nutrients from the soil as a result of adjusting the pH of the soil 
3-When used through modern irrigation networks (leading to non-blockage of flax and droplets) 
4-Treats symptoms of deficiency The presence of nitrogen and sulfur in absorbable forms from the plant leads to the quality of plants and the improvement of their marketing specifications.

Application and Uses of TOP N S (nitrogen and sulfur liquid fertilizer):

The elements nitrogen and sulfur are among the important elements that enter into the composition of the plant, where the percentage of sulfur in some types of plants reaches 1% of the dry matter, and they are two elements that complement each other. Therefore, the preparation was formed in the form of a liquid to provide the plant with nitrogen and sulfur

Usage rate for TOP N S (nitrogen and sulfur liquid fertilizer):

100-200 ml per cubic meter of water is added through modern irrigation networks or watered by traditional irrigation methods


- Keep TOP N S (nitrogen and sulfur liquid fertilizer) out of reach of children, food, and drinks 
- Harmful if swallowed - In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash well with plenty of water 
- Store TOP N S (nitrogen and sulfur liquid fertilizer) in the original packaging in a cool, dry place 
- Use only when needed without exceeding specified doses


It is preferable not to mix TOP N S (nitrogen and sulfur liquid fertilizer) with any other fertilizer except after conducting a small experiment to ensure that there is no sedimentation - when mixing with pesticides, it must be ensured that the pesticide is not affected by the mixing process


Each 100ml contains:
nitrogen (N)17.7% w/w
Equivalent to22.4% w/v
Sulfur (S)7.5% w/w
Equivalent to SO323.7%w/v