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ORIGINAL (100% natural animal fertilizer)


ORIGINAL 100% natural animal fertilizer, dried, fermented and ground, containing trace elements, improving soil properties, free of harmful substances.

Generic Name:

Natural fertilizer of bovine source


Dosage Form:


25 kg


organic fertilizers


• ORIGINAL (natural animal fertilizer) improves the physical specifications of the soil and makes it lose good ventilation and water content to facilitate the growth of the roots.
• It improves chemical specifications of the soil and adjusts pH- and thus Yun nutrients associated with the absorption become easy after that they are not soluble.
• ORIGINAL (natural animal fertilizer) improves food standards of the soil and raise the content of the elements that are easily absorbed direct and appropriate for the growth of plant roots- especially- thus improving overall growth.
• over and activates the proliferation and growth of bacteria of the digestive Sllowes and that conversion to organic material Dbalah easy absorption of the plant within the growing season.
• adds nutrients to the soil in a balanced manner to contain the right amount of quick and easy absorption by plant roots.

Application and Uses of ORIGINAL (100% natural animal fertilizer):

ORIGINAL (natural animal fertilizer) is used in greenhouses, nurseries, fruit trees, citrus fruits, vines, olives, vegetables, grains, crops, gardens, green spaces, flowers, annuals, fodder crops, mushroom cultivation, homes, hotels, palaces, indoor salon plants, etc. It contains nutrients in their natural quantities.

Usage rate for ORIGINAL (100% natural animal fertilizer):

ORIGINAL (natural animal fertilizer) contains nutrients- so you should always add the recommended rates and bury under the soil:
fruit trees: 5 kg for the large tree and 1 kg for the new implant- and embedded under the soil.
nurseries: Mix 20% of the nursery soil before planting.
Green houses: 75-150 kg / plastic house area of ​​500 square meters- is added before planting and mixing the soil directly.
plants Alsaloneh Interior: you can add small amounts of shade plants- the more these quantities increased power plants in Alsaloneh's exposure to light.


Each 100g contains:
Natural fertilizer of bovine source100%