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Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer)

Top K

Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer). It is used by spraying or with irrigation water.

Generic Name:

Potassium oxide


Dosage Form:


1 liter




1- Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer) treats the symptoms of potassium deficiency on plants, fruit trees, and ornamental plants
2- It leads to improves the photosynthesis process in plants, which helps in the manufacture and transfer of starches and carbohydrates to storage places inside plants
3- It leads to improve the biological functions of plants. (Opening and closing the pores of the plant, the osmotic pressure of the plant.....)
4- Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer) improves the specifications of the fruits, which leads to an improvement in their storage capacity, especially the fruits intended for export

Application and Uses of Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer):

Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer) contains a high percentage of potash can be used:
1- By spraying the foliage of plants and fruit trees
2- By irrigation water
3- Using drip, spray, or fog irrigation networks

Usage rate for Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer):

Citrus: 150-225 ml per tree per season divided into 3-5 batches, starting from the knotting stage to picking
- Fruit trees: 200-300 ml per tree per season in 3-4 batches from the knotting stage to picking.
- Olive and pistachio trees: 100-150 ml per tree per season, divided into 2-3 batches starting from the decade stage
- Vegetables: 4-6 liters per dunum per season during the plant growth cycle, especially in the advanced stages of maturity.
Addition by spraying the foliage: fruit trees, grapes, vegetables, field crops, and ornamental plants 150-200 ml per 100 liters of water, and 2-3 sprays are made according to the stages of advanced growth of the fruits.


Keep Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer) out of reach of children, food, and beverages - Harmful if swallowed - In case of contact with skin or eyes wash well with plenty of water - Store in the original packaging in a cool, dry place - Use only when needed without exceeding specified doses


Top K (liquid potassium fertilizer) is mixable with all fertilizers. When mixing with the pesticide, it must be ensured that the pesticide is not affected by the mixing process.


Each 100ml contains:
Potassium oxide31% w/w
Equivalent to46% w/v