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Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil)

Blasem Winter

Blasem Winter tree spray emulsifiable oil, mineral paraffin oil as agricultural pesticides for harmful pest control

Generic Name:

Paraffinic Mineral Oil + Emulsifiers

Dosage Form:


1, 5 liter


agricultural pesticide

Application and Uses of Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil):

It is used in the control of scale insects and other insects, spider eggs (akarose), and aphids of all kinds on apples, almonds, and other deciduous trees, during the dormancy of the sap in the winter

Usage rate for Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil):

Full coverage of trees must be taken into account 
winter oil is used at a rate of 2-3 liters/100 liters of water, with the need to continue the mixing process during spraying.
spray timing
spray during the succulents' dormancy phase and before buds open, it is not recommended to use it In times of frost or when the temperature drops below 5°C.
Mixing Instructions
• Add enough water to the spray tank to allow stirring.
• Add the pesticides to be used and continue mixing until homogeneity.
• Add Oil while mixing until complete emulsification.
• Add the rest of the water needed to the spray tank and continue stirring until complete homogeneity.


Blasem Winter tree spray emulsifiable oil can be mixed with most pesticides except for sulfur and the pesticides contained in its label. It cannot be mixed with oil.


The LD50 for a female rat orally is more than 10,000 mg/kg. 
Blasem Winter tree spray emulsifiable oil has no toxic effects on the skin. The substance is non-toxic to humans, warm-blooded animals, bees and birds. Toxic to fish.


Each 100ml contains:
Paraffinic Mineral Oil90 %
Emulsifiers10 %

Useful info:

Why Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil) is Essential for Tree Care
As the winter season approaches, it's important to take proactive measures to protect the health and vitality of your trees. One effective way to do this is by using Winter Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil). This agricultural pesticide is specifically formulated to control harmful pests that can cause damage to your trees.

Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil) acts as a barrier, preventing insects and pests from infesting your trees. Its emulsifiable nature allows it to easily mix with water, making it simple to apply to your trees. By using this paraffin oil, you can ensure that your trees remain healthy throughout the winter months.

The Benefits of Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil)
1. Pest Control: The primary benefit of Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil) is its powerful pest control properties. It effectively repels and eliminates harmful pests such as aphids, mites, scales, and whiteflies. By using this pesticide, you can protect your trees from infestations and minimize the risk of damage.

2. Tree Health: Winter can be a challenging time for trees, as they are more susceptible to stress and disease. By using Blasem Winter (tree spray emulsifiable oil), you can strengthen the overall health of your trees and increase their ability to withstand harsh winter conditions.