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Superior (10% Alpha-Cypermethrin EC)


Superior (10% Alpha-Cypermethrin EC). It is a highly effective, lethal pyrethroid insecticide that kills all insects that affect public health.

Generic Name:



50, 250, 500,1000 ml


pesticides for public health


Super pyrethroid insecticide is highly effective in eliminating a wide range of insects harmful to public health. It can be used in early spraying. It is a pesticide with a long-term residual effect. Superior is non-systemic, and works by contact and gastrointestinal tract. Ultra is an economical and effective pesticide with low concentrations, lethal even on insects that have acquired immunity to other pesticides

Application and Uses of Superior (10% Alpha-Cypermethrin EC):

Superior (10% Alpha-Cypermethrin EC) is a highly effective pyrethroid insecticide that kills all insects that affect public health

Usage rate for Superior (10% Alpha-Cypermethrin EC):

1- Surface spraying: 10 ml of Superior (10% Alpha-Cypermethrin EC) is dissolved in 2 liters of water and used to control mosquitoes and flies in their breeding places at the rate of 40 ml of spray solution per 1 m2.

2- Vacuum spraying:
By fogging: Dissolve 1 liter of Superior (10% Alpha-Cypermethrin EC) in 200 liters of diesel or kerosene oil and spray at a rate of 1 liter of spray solution per 1000 m2.
Micro spraying: 1 liter is dissolved in 20 liters of diesel or kerosene oil and sprayed at a rate of 100 cm of the solution per 1000 m2.


Mixable with the most known pesticides.
Not miscible with highly alkaline or highly acidic materials.


Toxic to bees


Each 100ml contains: