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Pertox (0.5% permethrin dusting powder)


Pertox (0.5% permethrin dusting powder). It is used to control cockroaches, ants and crawling insects.

Generic Name:


Dosage Form:


100g, 1kg


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Highly effective insecticide in controling harmful crawling insects such as ants , roaches , bugs , worms and others found in houses , gardens , hospitals , plants and animal barns . Safe and effective insecticide , doesn't accumulate on dirt , low toxic for humans and animals , toxic for fish , controls many pests which obtained immunity against organic , phosphoric , and cloric insecticides . Made of a sterilized powder ready to be used by dusting it , needless to dissolve in water . Fast and long term effects on harmful insects .

Application and Uses of Pertox (0.5% permethrin dusting powder):

Pyrethroid insecticide controls crawling insects in a form of a sterilized powder work via direct contract or the digestive system.

Usage rate for Pertox (0.5% permethrin dusting powder):

Dust a thin layer of the powder on the existence and reproduction areas of the crawling insects .


Pertox (0.5% permethrin dusting powder) can be mix with other insecticides .

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First aid:

In case of skin contact : Take off the contaminated clothes , wash the skin with water and soap . Eye contact : Rinse eyes with clean water for at least 15 minutes . When swallowed : Do not force the patient to vomit and call a doctor immediately . When inhaled : Transport the person to a good air ventilated area and make artificial respiration if needed . Antidote : None , treatment depends on the symptoms

Safety precautions:

Avoid eating , drinking , or smoking during usage . 
Wear protective clothes , gloves , and goggles during usage . Must get rid of the empty bottle safety and not dereriorate water sources and swamps and not to be used for other purposes . Must wash hands and skin exposed to the insecticide after usage .


Each 100g contains: