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Master 50 EC (deltamethrin agricultural insecticide)

Master 50 EC

Master 50 EC (deltamethrin agricultural insecticide) is used to kills insects infect field crops, fruit trees, vines, and vegetables.

Generic Name:



100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1liter


agricultural pesticide


Master 50 EC (deltamethrin agricultural insecticide) is a group of pesticides Albaartheroid works by contact and the digestive system- its effect lasts from one week to three weeks.

Application and Uses of Master 50 EC (deltamethrin agricultural insecticide):

General insecticide to eliminate sucking and biting insects and most other insects. It is used on field crops, fruit trees, vines, and vegetables.

Usage rate for Master 50 EC (deltamethrin agricultural insecticide):

Spray Master 50 EC (deltamethrin agricultural insecticide) after mixing it with the prescribed proportion of water so that the spray solution reaches all parts of the plant and obtains complete coverage
Spraying is done as soon as the infection appears, and it is repeated when it reoccurs.

Pre-harvest period: 
The crop can be harvested immediately after spraying.

Fruit trees- apples and nuts: 
Branches of peach borer- Hefrat tunnels- by: 20-25 ml / 100 liters of water 
Buds of apple beetle- tiger pear- rose: 20 ml / 100 liters of water 
Kanode- rig a centuries-long- pears- peas- fruit fly- peach fruit fly- a rate: 25 ml / 100 liters of water 
Hoblukamba worm apples- apricots- fruit beetle- a rate: 15 ml / 100 liters of water 
green peach- rose: 10-25 ml / 100 liters of water 
Stalk borer apple- rose: 15-25 ml / 100 liters of water 

Cereals (wheat, barley, corn): 
Madgat seedling- worm culture- grain beetle- by: 150 ml / h 
American bollworm- a rate: 125-200 ml / h 
Worms biting- by 100-150 ml / h 
European maize stalk borer- rose: 200-250 ml / h 

Clover Aphid, flowers- beetle- butterfly centuries- peas- cabbage beetles leg- a rate: 150 ml / h 
Peas Aphid, Hefrat tunnels- per: 250 ml / h 
American worm- rose: 125-250 ml / h 

Worms securities- rose: 100-250 ml / h 
Colorado beetle- thrips- worms biting- by 100-150 ml / h 
Hefrat Two papers- by 150-250 ml / h 
American bollworm- a rate: 125-250 ml / h 
Melon fly- fly Alqtaúaat- rate: 125 ml / h 

Worm buds- rose: 150-200 ml / h 
Manna - per: 200 ml / h 
Securities with a worm hook: 150 ml / h 
Bugs farinae: 250 ml / h


Do not use the empty containers for any purpose. Dispose of the empty containers by washing them 3 times and adding washing water to the spray tank, and then burying them in wasteland in a designated hole away from groundwater sources.


{{setitle}} is mixable with insecticides and fungicides, except alkaline


LD50 to female rat oral 575 mg / kg and female mice through the skin 3100 mg / kg anti-poisoning: diazepam. Toxicity to Bees: Not toxic to bees- and can be sprayed on crops and trees flowering stage toxic to fish and birds: non-toxic to birds- toxic to fish.


Note: On olives, when using grafts such as hydrolysate with Master 50 EC (deltamethrin agricultural insecticide), the application rate is reduced by half, while the solution rate in 100 liters of water per hectare remains the same.

First aid:

* In case of skin contamination: Keep the injured person in a warm place and keep him away from sunlight. Wash the contaminated skin with soap and water and use a soothing and soothing skin cream.
* In the event of swallowing the substance: do not attempt to vomit the patient, give the patient activated carbon, and in case of severe poisoning, it is preferable to give an injection of diazepam 10-20 mg.
* In case of eye contact: Wash eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Call the doctor immediately
* In the event of poisoning, you should contact the nearest toxicology information center in your governorate.

Safety precautions:

- The substance must be kept in its original packaging, in a closed place, and out of the reach of children.
- Avoid inhaling the pesticide spray and refrain from eating, drinking and smoking while spraying.


Each 1 liter contains: