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DEBCO COMBI SL (broad leaf herbicide)


DEBCO COMBI SL: 2, 4-D + MPCA is a broad leaf herbicide in fields contains wheat, barley and maize.

Generic Name:

2; 4-D + MCPA



1 Litter




DEBCO COMBI SL (broad leaf herbicide) causes an imbalance in the growth of the apical tissues of weeds, which leads to their death.
Weeds resistant to this herbicide belong to the Poaceae family
DEBCO COMBI SL (broad leaf herbicide) is mainly absorbed by the leaves of the weed and is transported into the plant. The herbicide can enter partially through the roots and then to the leaves.
The highest efficacy of the pesticide is obtained when spraying it in early stages on plants that have not reached the flowering stage, and it is taken into account not to spray it immediately before and after rain or in areas with high humidity (heavy dew) where weather conditions reduce the effectiveness of the pesticide
DEBCO COMBI SL (broad leaf herbicide) is best sprayed at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C

Application and Uses of DEBCO COMBI SL (broad leaf herbicide):

A selective, systemic fungicide used to eliminate broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley and corn fields

Usage rate for DEBCO COMBI SL (broad leaf herbicide):

Wheat and barley
It is sprayed at the stage of the fifth leaf of the plant and before the formation of the spikes at a rate of 0.75 - 1.75 liters / ha.
Filtration is done in the 4-6 leaf stage before the formation of cotyledons, at a rate of 0.75-1.50 L/ha.


Do not expose the skin and eyes to the pesticide and not inhaling the pesticide spray (wearing gloves, protective glasses and masks when spraying)
Do not smoke, eat or drink while spraying
Keep out of reach of children in a cool dry place
Keep away from food, drinking water and feed

Safety Period:

Animals can graze in the sprayed fields 15 days after spraying


DEBCO COMBI SL (broad leaf herbicide) is miscible with other herbicides, systemic fungicides and foliar fertilizers except alkaline ones.


The LD50 for mouse oral administration is 1200 mg/kg
The LD50 of the mouse percutaneously is more than 4000 mg/kg
nothing. Treatment is based on symptoms
Toxicity to birds, bees, and fish
Moderately toxic to birds and bees
Poisonous to fish


DEBCO COMBI SL (broad leaf herbicide) should be used within the recommended conditions and should be mixed well in order to reach the highest effectiveness of the herbicide.
The producer assumes no responsibility for improper storage or misuse
The containers must be disposed of by washing and puncturing them, then burying them in the ground at a depth of at least one meter, away from water sources.

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Each 1 litter contains:
2; 4-D360g/L