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ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies insecticide)


ALFA-PHOS WP 10% / Azamethiphos flies insecticide. It is works by contact and digestion, and has a long-acting effect.

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Application and Uses of ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies insecticide):

An organophosphorus insecticide that is fast and stunner works by contact and digestion and has a long-term effect. It is used in the form of a liquid for spraying or coating.
Alphaphos pesticide is intended to eliminate insects harmful to public health:
Airplanes such as flies, mosquitoes, and crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, and fleas, are found in public places such as restaurants, hotels, kitchens, hospitals, canteens, clubs, food factories, packaging workshops, farms, animal pens, birds, horses, warehouses, buildings, homes, landfills, and others.

Usage rate for ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies insecticide):

* Dissolve 10 g of ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies killer) in 10 ml of water and use it as a coating.
* It is used at a concentration of 10 grams by dissolving it in 1 liter of water to spray on the surfaces to be combated and the places where insects breed and crack.


Mixed with most pesticides except alkaline ones


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Each 1kg contains:
Azamethiphos100 g/kg.

Useful info:

The Powerful Benefits of ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies insecticide) for Public Health
Flies are not just pesky insects that buzz around and annoy us. They can also be carriers of various diseases, posing a significant threat to public health. That's why it's crucial to have effective tools to control their population and minimize the risks they pose. One such tool is ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies insecticide), which has proven to be highly beneficial for public health.

With its powerful formula, Azamethiphos is designed to specifically target flies and eliminate them, reducing the spread of diseases they carry. It can be used in various settings, including residential areas, commercial establishments, and public spaces, making it an excellent solution for improving public health on a broader scale.

The Benefits of ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies insecticide)

1. Disease Control

Azamethiphos is highly effective in controlling the population of flies, thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission. Flies are known carriers of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause illnesses such as diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, and even food poisoning. By targeting and eliminating flies, Azamethiphos plays a vital role in preventing the spread of these diseases.

2. Public Safety

Flies not only pose a health risk but can also compromise public safety. In settings such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, and food processing facilities, the presence of flies can lead to contamination of food and medical supplies, potentially causing outbreaks and compromising the well-being of individuals. By using ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies insecticide), these environments can be protected, ensuring the safety and health of both employees and the general public. Conclusion ALFA-PHOS WP 10% (Azamethiphos flies insecticide) is a powerful tool in the fight against flies and the diseases they carry. By effectively controlling the fly population, it significantly reduces the risk of disease transmission and ensures public safety. Whether in residential, commercial, or public settings, the use of Azamethiphos can greatly benefit public health. With its proven effectiveness, it is a valuable solution for those seeking a reliable method to combat flies and protect the well-being of individuals and communities.