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Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC)

Alpha Speed EC

Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) agricultural pesticides. It kills most insects that infect apples, almonds, other fruit trees, vegetables, and greenhouses.

Generic Name:



50, 100, 250, 500, 1000ml


agricultural pesticide


Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) ​​is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide that kills most insects that infect apples, almonds, other fruit trees, vegetables, and greenhouses.
Method of effect: Alpha Speed ​​affects biting and sucking insects through contact and digestion. and hoppers, it is also used on corn, wheat, and other crops as well.
Pre-harvest period:
vine: one week from the date of spraying.
fruit trees and other crops: two days from the date of spraying.

Application and Uses of Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC):

It is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide that kills most insects that infect apples, almonds, other fruit trees, vegetables, and greenhouses.

Usage rate for Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC):

Pomegranates and almonds: 
apple aphid, bud piercing, cherry fly, twig piercing, ratio: 20 cm3/100 liters of water

apple fruit worm, apricot beetle, fruit fly, pear besla, leaf blight, ratio: 15 cm3/ 100 liters of water
of green peaches, proportion: 10 cm3/100 liters of water
- Vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, red and yellow watermelons, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, onions, garlic, Legumes):
leaf fly, aphid, American worm, legos bug, cutworms, diamond butterfly, European stem borer, potato tuber moth, tunnel borers, ratio: 200 cm3 / ha
watermelon fly, ratio: 125 cm3 /e
leafworms, ratio: 180 cm3/ha
cabbage leafworm, cabbage flour, cucurbit fly, thrips, ratio: 150 cm3/ha
pea leaf weevil, ratio: 100 cm3/ha< br>- Vine:
Lubizia cluster worm, shoot worm, grape leaf worm, grape hopper, ratio: 15 cm3/100 liters of water
- Cereals and corn:
cutting worms, chewing grain seedlings, ratio: 150 cm3/ha
grain aphid, ratio: 120 cm3/ha
leafworms, European corn stalk borer, Ratio: 200 cm3/ha
- Sugar beet:
leafworms, tunnel borer begomia, cutworms, sugar beet moth, beet oxide, ratio: 200 cm3/ha


-Keep Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) out of the reach of children.- Store the pesticide in its original sealed container in a cool, ventilated place. -Disposal of empty containers:
- Do not use empty containers for any purpose. Dispose of empty containers by washing them 3 times, adding washing water to the spray tank, and then burying them in waste land within a designated hole away from groundwater sources.


The smaller concentration is used in the case of mild injuries. Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) ​​is mixed with most other pesticides and it is preferable to conduct an experiment before use.


Oral LD50 for rat 853 mg/kg. Percutaneous LD50 for rat 830 mg/kg. Antitoxin: There is no specific antitoxin, treat according to symptoms. Toxicity to fish, bees, and birds: Toxic to fish and bees, mildly toxic to birds.


Each 1liter contains:
Alphacypermethrin100 g/L


Useful info:

Maximizing Crop Yields with Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) 
Protecting Your Crops with Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC)
As a farmer, one of your main concerns is protecting your crops from pests and diseases. The success of your harvest depends on it. That's where Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) come in. These highly effective pesticides are designed to eliminate a wide range of pests that can damage your crops and reduce yields.

Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) are formulated with the active ingredient alphacypermethrin, a potent insecticide that targets and eliminates pests like aphids, caterpillars, thrips, and whiteflies. Its fast-acting formula quickly eliminates existing pests and provides long-lasting protection to prevent future infestations.

Why Choose Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC)?
When it comes to protecting your crops, you need a pesticide that you can rely on. Here's why Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) are the perfect choice:

Highly effective: Alphacypermethrin quickly eliminates a wide range of pests, ensuring that your crops stay healthy and productive.
Long-lasting protection: The residual effects of Alphacypermethrin provide ongoing protection against pests, even after application.
Safe to use: Alphacypermethrin is designed to be safe for use in agricultural settings, minimizing the risk to the environment and farm workers.
Easy application: Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) are easy to apply, allowing you to quickly and efficiently protect your crops.
Maximizing Crop Yields with Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC)
By using Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC), you can maximize your crop yields and ensure the success of your harvest. Here's how:

1. Pest Control
Alphacypermethrin effectively eliminates a wide range of pests that can damage your crops. By controlling these pests, you can prevent yield loss and protect the quality of your harvest. Regular application of Alphacypermethrin can help you maintain a pest-free environment for your crops.

2. Disease Prevention
Some pests can carry diseases that can spread to your crops and cause significant damage. Alphacypermethrin helps prevent the spread of these diseases by eliminating the pests that carry them. By using Alphacypermethrin, you can protect the health of your crops and reduce the risk of disease-related yield loss.

3. Increased Productivity
By effectively controlling pests and preventing disease, Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC) help your crops stay healthy and productive. Healthy crops are more likely to produce higher yields and better-quality harvests. With Alphacypermethrin, you can maximize your crop yields and increase the overall productivity of your farm.

Make the smart choice for your crops and choose Alpha Speed (Alphacypermethrin EC). With their highly effective formula and long-lasting protection, you can ensure the success and profitability of your farm. Protect your crops today and enjoy a bountiful harvest tomorrow.